Modular Kitchen Design and Detail
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Modular Kitchen Design and Detail

Modular Kitchen Design and Detail


About this course

The teaching approach at Delhi design Academy is holistic with a program which balances between the theoretical and practical aspects of the industry. The Module in Kitchen Design will explore the professional world of designing innovative, functional and phenomenal Modular kitchens , giving you the edge on this competitive industry. This short course is addressed to Interior Designers, Kitchen lovers, Modular Kitchen and DIY enthusiasts who would like to learn the principles of Kitchen design and planning. The course is complete knowledge of Modular Kitchen. After this course, you can easily set up your office or can work with professional or work as a freelancer. This course is delivered over 3 Months and students have one week to return their assignment in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.
Duration- 3 Months
Enrolment Type: Online only

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